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Ian Adams

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HeyHuman – Internship

So i’ve been @HeyHumanAgency for three days now and during the short stay the key take out of this medium size agency is the culture. There is still the same issues like any job emailing back and forth meetings, reporting and making sure creatives and 3rd parties are following guidelines. 

When entering the first time at HeyHuman there is a sense of welcoming, its a feeling of, we want to show you what we do. After a short tour of the office from a creative level with busy full desks of post it notes, posters array of objects to the small meeting rooms with bean bags, comfy sofas there is a real sense of buzz on this level. But also on this level the agency bar, small but full of character, with an Old Vic pub kind of feel to it with a company of larger on tap; of course. (As seen here)

The next level up, accounts. All the team spread out on another open plan level. During the day there is always a team playing music to the whole floor. Ealry this morning the music was a blend of 80’s to 90’s classics however now, Friday afternoon the tempo has dropped to a smooth RnB (not R. Kelly) but chilled environment. Its kind of inviting considering the sun beaming outside. Another note for this level is the free kichen, teas but also Tassimo coffee (another client) plus a dishwasher, i think this is a must for a agency.

Then to the top level, admin, management, HR all up top. The cool, tidy, slightly, quieter part of the office. With only half the room occupied with a feeling of still expanding, still room to become bigger. Slight reminder of how agencies can change quickly.

Even though the teams and departments are split between levels there is still a sense of family, pride with everything that is done. Being on a course that is pure media media media.. there is this prejudgement to win awards. But this is far from the true, yes they want to win awards, it makes the agency stand out, but the overall direction of the brand is taken into consideration. There is some good heads at HeyHuman for sure, maybe just pulled back by day to day anostomus tasks.

The agency has a number of cool weekly traditions for example on Wednesdays in the kitchen area is a TED talk for anyone to watch, usually based consumer physiology. This week was consumers perceptual value. One of the perks is that after a official agency event the agency will pay for your taxi back home, this is rather nice for the people that live outside London. Another tradition each Friday is the ‘Super Humans’ in the innovation team send out weekly emails on the latest tech news the kind of need to know for the week. This included Hellman’s using Whatsapp to target consumers.

So I met with the Director of the innovation team Dan Machen he gave me some direction on where I could go. It’s nice to meet someone with the same kind of vision with technology. We both could see past the glitz and glame of branded tech, see what can be used on a practical level by both ourselves but how in which the consumer can use it to support their day to day lives.  Some advice on books to read like Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy Robert Scoble & Shel Israel. But also advice like, be the guy who has all the digital ideas, be the person in the office that everyone knows he is the one to talk to about this. Be sourced by the tech understand it and its limitations.

Another key opener is the brief from Sony, its was a big contrast from Hellman’s at Mindshare. Considering the Sony brief I had was from a sister company in GroupM there is a feeling of the brief given to use was in fact on purpose to throw some curve balls. But this can be for another blog post.

I would like to say thank you to the lovely bunch over at HeyHuman and @Lynne_Carter for setting it up. Wish I could have been there longer to really contribute, but my time was well spent. I got more out of it then the team might of thought.

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