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Stanbridge Earls School – 2016 Post close

When visiting my parents down in Southampton we had a little pop into Stanbridge Earls the school that I was at between 2004 to 2011, 7 years of my life. This place helped me develop skills and techniques to turn my dyslexia into a strength, not a weakness. Credit goes to all the staff and fellow students I had great pleasure to meet during this time.

Stanbridge Earls School
Founded: September 15, 1952
Ceased operations: September 2, 2013

The below are 360’s of the school in the present day. Just tap on them to click through to a full 360 experience. Please share this post to fellow Wyverns of the School.

Cross roads:

Main house lawn:

Main house cort yard:

Lower 6th Block:

Behind new 6th form block:

Year 7/8 Garden:

Language and arts centers:

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