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2018 Christmas ads

Debenhams. Do A Bit Of Know You Did Good. 4 executions that show the ‘fist-pump’ feeling you get when you realise you’ve nailed the perfect gift

The Star Party Guest.

The Knows-You Best Friend.

The Thoughtful Uncle.

The Savvy Girlfriend.

John Lewis & Partners – The Boy and the Piano. Captures moments in time where Elton John is performing his hit ‘Your Song’, tracing back to when he received his first piano as a Christmas gift from his Mum and Grandma.

Waitrose & Partners – Food that is too good to wait for. Three executions so far with the most recent (Fast Forward) brilliantly linking with JLP that shows a family fast-forwarding through the Elton John ad to get to the stollen quicker!



Fast Forward.

Boots. #GiftsThatGetThem. Focuses on the relationship between a mum and her teenage daughter with adapted lyrics to ‘She’s The One’ by Robbie Williams

KFC – Turkey’s come and go. Chicken is here to stay….

Heathrow. #HeathrowBears. The CUTEST bears are back for their 3rd instalment. Grandma and Grandpa have retired to Florida but Xmas just isn’t the same and after an emotional skype call with their family, they jump on a plane home.


McDonalds – #ReindeerReady.  Shows Santa struggling to procure any carrots for his hungry and tired reindeer, until he visits a McDonalds where they are always #reindeerready


M&S – Christmas Must Haves. Features Holly Willoughby narrating through a series of Must Have moments throughout the season. Also features a cameo from David Gandy in marigolds.


Cadbury – Secret Santa. Encourages people to join in the nation’s biggest Secret Santa by leaving chocolate treats for the different people in your life


Very – Find the Gift That Helps Them Find Their Gift. Animated film showing a space-loving little girl receiving an astronaut helmet for Xmas that goes on to inspire her to achieve her dreams as an adult.

Littlewoods – Own the Show. Follows the Greatest Showman theme showcasing multiple product

Visa. #KeepItLocalThisChristmas Puts the focus on the British High Street and features a selection of local shop keepers singing along to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You

TK Maxx. The Never-Ending Stocking. A woman finds the Never Ending Stocking in her local store that continuously produces gifts for all the family

Amazon – Can You Feel It. Similar to last year, the ad shows Amazon boxes being delivered all over the world bringing festive cheer. Sound track is the Jackson 5 – Can You Feel It

Argos – The Christmas Fool. An imp like creature is hell bent on causing havoc before the Argos delivery man saes the day by basically kidnaping him and throwing him in the back of his truck!

Curry’s PC World. The Magic of Christmas Upgraded. Takes a Dickensian Xmas and shows what it might look like with an upgrade via technology

JD Sports – I Am JD. Features stars of sport and music

Sainsbury’s – The Big Night. A mum is surprised to see her daughter front and centre at the school concert. She begins off shy but finds her stride for a show-stopping performance with all her class mates..

Iceland – There’s a Rang-tan in my closet. Lots of PR surrounding this Greenpeace original ad to stop the production and sourcing of Palm Oil with Iceland claiming they will be going palm-oil free in all their products from this December

Tesco. However You Do Christmas. Celebrates the many ways different people and families celebrate Christmas

Lidl – Ads so far feature Nav, Jenny, Renu & Nigel going that ‘Lidl’ bit extra this Christmas

Party Food –

Spiced Gin –

Free Range Turkey –

Deluxe Cheese –

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot is back! Starring in a series of fairy-tale ads

The Cliff-hanger –

The Wicked Parsnip –

Red Riding Hood –

The Fairy Cake Mother –

Asda. Bring Christmas Home. Features an array of product and everything you need to bring Xmas home.

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