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Ian Adams

Ian Adams

Paid Social Media Specialist

Big data + IPA touchpoints

A trip originated by Vic Davies for the Media group at Bucks New University on Friday 3rd. At apart from being one of the nicest areas of London ( 44 Belgrave Square ) next embassy’s like malaysian and Turkey. The day was very nice and also one of the hottest days of the year. Not perfect for traveling on the tube.

When entering the building he time changes, it’s more of an agency feel, white walls modern art, fresh flowers and case studies of work seen below.

The presentation was good and had some case studies including Bailey’s that I had recently worked on, thank god they came to the same conclusions as me.

The presentation explained how they receive data from JIC (joint industry commissions) and with their win research ( in the next section) is placed together to make ipa touchpoints. This is then used as a currency within the media business.

Ipa carries out research with a random sample of 5500+ That are all 15 and above age. Ipa Touchpoints4 Is carried out with a diary device that a person will be asked to input what they are doing, where, how and even the mood they are in. This begs the question of the context and mind set people are in when being apart of this survey.

The futures bright, the futures digital. Well it is true. With the new ipa touchpoints5 The diarises are being discontinued part from the people that don’t like using smartphones. People taking part will be using an smart phone application to ask the same questions. But also a new set of data is now available, like location, what the person is searching on their phone when shopping.

This will help with real time marketing. How we as marketeers can help use this data to give better target based advertising.

The ipa is braking into this new data of research but what about google and what data they hold. I will posting another blog post about this and my theory of what google might be up to in the future.

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