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My Evernote Setup – Oct 2018

Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of switching over to Notion and I feel one day I might give it a real go, the integration with Airtable might just persuade me. However I’m sticking with trustworthy Evernote for the following reasons:

  • Syncs across all devices ?
  • Setup and ready to gob(been using for 6 years)??
  • Brand loyalty to the ?
  • Used by my partner also ?
  • Lots of integrations (IFTTT, Siri shortcuts)?


I’ve had an Autumn clean?, making my notebook structure alot simpler I got into a habit of making a new notebook for every category but in the end found these grouping much simpler as I can trust three evernote search.?

Tip: Naming my inbox 001_Inbox means it will always be at the top. Templates? notebook has been in there for years since the recent native template feature. I made alot of templates including picking list, shipping list, coffee review, contact forms mostly unused as I tent to stick to text note/images in Evernote.


I wanted to try breakout my work from home as I know what resources are suitable for work and are just for personal use.

Work is split between current work(although most current client notes are on the company OneNote. Previous work ⚰️ is smaller then it used to be as I download an Evernote file back file of these notes (using the Backup feature) I then deleted these motes from my current Evernote. This file is saved on Google drive so this content doesn’t show up on my Evernote search but can be imported anytime.

Soical handy? is a knowledge bank of my jobs specialism. Will likely to a separate blog post on this.


In personal this is more about facts Figures things that I need to know about these areas. Any form of Bills or receipts goes in Reference ? as I want all personal notebooks to be in the same kind of order each time I view.

Contacts? I’ve streamlined my address book on my phone and saved people’s details here of I don’t contact them more often then once a month. I also leave notes on how I know then and any interesting facts.

Physical Inventory? I have a note for each container or place the items are stored. If the item has further details I can link it to a item note in Reference?. Like to think this would be very helpful for insurance.

Knowledge Main? this tends to be Wikipedia pages, ebooks, journals I found interesting. I don’t always remember dates and names so these notes are handy to have them quickly.

Travel ? when a trip is over I will get it the destination and place all those notes in here deleting notes I will never use again.


I like to think this is where most of the fun happens as it involves me doing somthing (as I type? this on Evernote).

In terms of notebooks in this section I tend to stick to this naming convention to add easy context: TYPE(Travel, Tech, Website, App) – NAME

As mentioned when completed it will either be removed or the notes moved to another notebook above.

The notes in Blogging? follow this naming convention so I know where the post is status wise: STATUS – CATEGORY – TITLE

Example: Writing – Tech – My Evernote Setup Oct 2018

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you mold your Evernote or note taking app structure! Everyone has their own way of doing things. ??

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