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Before we list out the principles consider the following first:
1. What are your advertising objectives?
2. Who are you trying to reach and what will they want to see?
3. What will success look like and how will this be measured?

Branding up front – Within 1-3 seconds – To Increase brand recall, people need to remember what brand is trying to inform them.

Capture attention quickly –  Using colours, themes and imagery that evoke your brand at the start of your video can help people connect the advert to your brand quickly. Consider starting your video with lifestyle and product shots, recognisable spokespeople, action scenes or a vivid background to spark interest.

Square / Portrait / Vertical is best – Ratio is case by case depending on the ad unit. (Please refer to product pages for details). The aim here is to increase Ad recall by taking up more of the users screen or capture attention compared to standard landscape. Which ever ratio of video content needs to be development to be approached with the screen in mind.

 Strong social suitable story arch – Which needs to be start with core message then long tail for 6sec creatives. If creative is longer than 6sec develop start with core message then develop a heartbeat that keeps people entertained and hooked into the content.

– Make sense with sound off, delight with sound on – Don’t be afraid to use illustrations to land the message. Use the brands unique branding and imagery to increase brand recognition.

– Clear Call to action – to direct user behaviour.

– Less body text is more  – 100 characters or less should be enough to land a core message your brand needs to get across.

– Frame your visual story – Use clear focal points of your product to clearly communicate what your are selling or providing people. Play with zoom, crop and overall visual composition to make sure that your story is told well on a small screen.

– Play more – There’s no universal solution to building brands or driving actions with mobile video, so keep experimenting, testing and iterating to learn what works for your brand and audience.

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