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Carousel Ads are a Sponsored Content ad format that appear in the LinkedIn feed. Carousel ads feature multiple images that can be scrolled through in the ad.

Official Site with specs: Link
Ad Examples: Link


  1. You must have a minimum of two cards. You cannot have more than 10 cards.
  2. For the overall ad unit, the intro text/commentary/description area is limited to a maximum of 255 characters.
    • Intro text may truncate at 150 characters on some mobile devices.
  3. For the individual cards within the carousel:
    • Max file size: 10 MB
    • Recommended individual image spec is 1080×1080 pixels with a 1:1 aspect ratio.
    • Rich media formats supported:
      • JPG
      • PNG
      • GIF (non-animated only)
    • Headline text for each image card is a maximum of two lines before being truncated.
      • 45 character limit for carousel ads that direct to a landing page
      • 30 character limit for carousel ads with a Lead Gen Form CTA
  4. Carousel cards can be directed to different landing pages, but if the Lead Gen Form option is selected, the CTA will link to the same Lead Gen Form for all of the carousel cards.
  5. Carousel campaigns are not eligible to use LinkedIn Audience Network, as that feature is currently available for static Sponsored Content formats (Single image ad and Video ad) only.