Commercial Ads

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Commercials are non-skippable six-second video Snap Ads without attachments. This feature is only available to select Advertisers at this time.

Official Site with specs: Link
Ad Examples: Link

Why this unit?

High Premium

Commercials can only be placed between 1st party Snap Shows or high quality 3rd party publishers which gave been vetted by Snap. Some of these partners shown below.

Awareness Driver

As the unit is None-skippable it means a brand can ensure to land a core message. This unit does cost more as it is a forced view however landing the message is the payout.

Creative recommendations:

  • Focus on single-minded message. 
  • Ensure clear branding.
  • Use purposeful sound design.
  • Capture attention quickly to pull the user in.
  • Create a simple narrative, preferably with reveal/payoff coming in at the :05 mark.