Conversational Tweets

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Conversational Ads prompt users to spread a message through call to action buttons with customisable hashtags.

Official Site with specs: Link
Ad Examples: Link

How it works:

With regards to the media, you can unlock video content and have an image as the cover media, but you can’t have video as a cover media, and image as the unlocked content. The only way to unlock image content, would be to create an Image Conversational Card, which has both the cover and un-lockable content as image. – Video Conversational Card (Image > Video OR Video > Video)– Image Conversational Card (Image > Image)

Why this unit?

User Engagement

When a user chooses to Tweet they share to their followers, then their followers can choose to tweet as incremental engagements.

High Reach

People can choose to tweet on behalf of a brand, meaning they becoming mini ambassadors.

Creative recommendations:

  • – Keep call to actions clear and relevant. Put users first, what will they want to tweet. 
    – Can choose up to 4 options, but recommend to keep it simple 1 or 2 options is fine. –

How to build:

– Log in to and select Create new campaign.  Select either Tweet Engagements for a Conversational Image Ad or Video Views for a Conversational Video Ad.

– Under the “create or select creative” section of the campaign form click the “use a conversational card” option, which will allow you to configure your Card.

– Fill in the details of the conversational card, including:

A. The image or video in your Card

B. The number of hashtags in your Card

C. The Tweet copy that will be pre-populated in the Tweet when users interact with the Card

D. A headline (appears above the hashtag) in a one-choice hashtag option

E.  Thank you text (appears after a user has Tweeted your message)

F. Thank you URL (optional URL to drive a user to after they’ve set up the Card.)

– Configure the rest of your campaign options (bidding and targeting) and launch the campaign.