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A small graphic that shows on up to 3 branded #hashtags ?

Ad Examples: Link

Why this unit?

User Engagement

Something different on the platform to capture attention and stimulates user engagement. Good Organic reach driver.

Creative recommendations:

  • Keep it clean and simple when possible
  • Can’t use a logo


The emoji must fit within a square boundary.

The artwork must be designed at 72×72 pixels, but they will appear much smaller on screen. The artwork needs to be clearly visible at 16×16 pixels.

Each hashtag cannot exceed 250 mentions over the past 30 days, unless directly associated w/brand conversation. Check your hashtag at go/casebuilder to ensure this. You can also search for the hashtag on Twitter to get a sense of the conversations happening around the hashtag in question.

Artwork works best when horizontal or fully square. If the illustration is vertical, consider adding a 45 degree angle to provide extra width. Make a conscious effort to fill the 72×72 pixel canvas as best as you can.

Keep the details to a minimum. As the image scales down, stroke weights, colors, and gradients may cause visual imperfections. NO STRAIGHT LOGOS* – keep in mind that emojis are creative in nature, and a great way for a brand to explore fun and engaging design(s) – please exercise creativity here! This is not the right opportunity to use logos as they will not be visible at the small emoji size. *However, logos may be acceptable for Content Partnership events & conferences wherein the logo resonates well with the user base (e.g. Cannes, CES).

Emojis can be displayed on both a light and dark background. We recommend colors that will enable the image to stand out and be easily visible.

FILE FORMAT (Twitter require both)
PNG: The final asset must be saved as a 72×72 pixel transparent png-24 (non-interlaced).
EPS or SVG or AI: Please also include the original high-resolution vector artwork. This may be requested for on-air or print use.

Design Requirements