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A way for users to get reminded or subscribe to follow up tweets.

There is a required minimum Promoted Tweet media spend for the ‘Like to Remind’ (Check with your Twitter Rep), Twitter would normally absorb the production cost involved depending on the complexity & number of reminders needed), allow 5 days turnaround for Twitter production. 

Like to remind works just like Re-tweet to remind. Like to remind gets more subscribers as some users may not want to share to their followers.

Ad Examples: Link

Why this unit?

User Engagement

User initiated meaning users want to sign up to get a reminder of follow up content.

Creative recommendations:

Use short form video 5-10″ that clearly indicates why a user would want to sign up to get reminded.

Avoid using website card or hashtags as the goal is to get a Like not for a user to click off the tweet.

Follow up tweet will be required so confirm that user has signed up. 

When a user replies to the brand handle with #STOP they will need to be un-subscribed.