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Lets brands take over the top trend spot within the discover section fo twitter for 24 hours.
Costs are market per market. There is also Standard and Premium days the latter cost more. Check with a Twitter Sales Rep.

Official Site with specs: Link
Ad Examples: Link

Why this unit?

Awareness Driver

Let’s a brand land a core message to large amount of People quickly. Users when checking trends are in an open and more receptive mindset to find out about new things.

High Reach

This unit will reach most people on twitter on a given day as people will either see it on the discover tab or within the timeline

Creative recommendations:

  • Clear messaging, make sure it makes sense in isolation.
  • Use a rotation of different tweets so the platform can choose which one is getting the most positive traction.
  • When possible use a Custom Emoji to grab attention and increase hashtag usage.


  • One Hashtag #
  • Trend description – Max 70 characters of tex
  • Added Value: A mix of organic and dark tweets (3+). Twitter always advice making a Twitter moment if there is a compelling story/narrative as they can also appear in the twitter moment section.