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Max 10sec Vertical Video/Image unit that can swipe up to different media.

Official Site with specs: Link
Ad Examples: Link

Why this unit?

High Reach

This unit can deliver great targeted reached being the most served ad unit on the platform. Snap Ads can be served within User Stories and between Discover content. Soon this vertical ads can be promoted in 3rd part ads.

Action Driver

A user can swipe up to carry out an action this could be buy a product, watch a long form video, this is done with Attachments. The unit can be bought to optimise towards a goal, this might upper funnel Video Views, mid funnel traffic to site or with the right measurement solutions in place like a site Pixel or Mobile measurement Partner can be used to let the platform prioritise users that are most likely to purchase.

Creative recommendations:

  • Feature a ‘Hero’ message from the opening frames
  • Use voiceover call to actions to encourage swipe up (Make sense with sound off and delight with sound on)
  • 0:03 – 0:05 is the sweet spot for Snap Ad length to drive action
  • Test all types of Snap Ads from video, to stills, to gifs or cinemagraphs
  • Align creative with targeting where possible – Higher relevancy leads to higher swipe and conversion rates!
  • Consider stop animation or GIFs for your Top Snap
  • Provide an offer message if available within second 2 or 3