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A high impact Trend spot that takes over the top of the trending section on mobile. This buy must also include a First View buy.
** UK/US/JP only for now – 29th June.

Reach out to your Twitter representative for costs and available dates.

Official Site with specs: Link
Ad Examples: Link

Why this unit?

High Premium

The unit takes over a large part of the trend section with full animation. 
This unit is new and is costly so when a brand runs the unit it will grab attention.

High Reach

This unit will reach most people on twitter on a given day as people will either see it on the discover tab or within the timeline.

Awareness Driver

Let’s a brand land a core message to large amount of People quickly. Users when checking trends are in an open and more receptive mindset to find out about new things.

Creative recommendations:

  • Need a strong brand or campaign message that will connect to a broader audience.


GIF ‘Spotlight’ placed above trending topics on the day

GIF : max 6 secs, aspect ratio 16:9, max 15mb, no audio, submitted 48hrs before launch for Twitter HQ approval

Must take the First View + PTrend + Spotlight on the day

IOS & Android users only, max 2 spotlight views per user per day