Story Ads

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Story Ads allow Advertisers to reach consumers by placing a branded Tile in Snap’s Discover section that opens into a collection of 3-20 Snap Ads.

Official Site with specs: Link
Ad Examples: Link

Why this unit?

Highly Immersive
Within the unit there is a minimum of 3 titles and a Max of 20 meaning there is plenty of opportunity to illustrate different aspects of a product or tell a rich story narrative.

Action Driver
As the user has to tap on the tile to open the unit it means they have high intent to find out more or even go on the purchase. Each snap can swipe up to website or app install page to drive user action.

Creative recommendations + Key Learnings:

– Ensure your brand logo pops on the image – take advantage of the full logo space available by separating your logo into two lines if necessary to fill the maximum allotted space.
– Create a curiosity gap or sense of urgency with your Story title.
Keep copy clear, concise, and honest.
When it works, tease utility, novelty, and relevance with your Story title
Snap Ads (Inside the Story):
– Your Story Ad is a branded content experience; Create a narrative Users will want to watch and engage with.
– Ensure Snap Ads viewed in succession tell a cohesive story.
– Avoid using your 1st Snap Ad in the Story Ad as an introduction; Drop right into action, as your Tile acts as the viewer’s introduction to the story.