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My teams OneNote Setup

At work we had an issue that was wasting alot of time and it was people requesting the same info multiple times via email or Skype shared from individual to individual in-turn resultimg in the information being incorrect.

For now my team is using Onenote as the one place for common truth. **Please note we don’t use OneNote as a task/Project manager as we use Asana for this.

For context my team runs marketing campaigns for a large worldwide technology company. The below screenshots are an example notebook which mirror the core structure from my team’s shared notebook.

Overall structure

I’ve refined this structure over the last 10 months and it keeps things simple. It’s a living breathing ever eveloving notebook where any of the team can update add content they feel will give value. The handy history feature adds a paper trail who updated what.

As the team is ever growing I had to consider when anyone joined they could navigate through the structure and for it make sense straight away.

**Emoji’s aren’t used on the real notebook just wanted to make it nicer to look at for the blog post ?

Team workload

Team Prioritise ? is a simple list of the top 10 priority tasks or projects the members of the team need to focus on. We run through this list everyday in the morning status so that everyone is on the same page.

Roles & Responsibilities is a bullet point list of the core job at each level so everyone knows what they should be doing. This is also good when people need to delegate tasks up or down.

Campaign Status ? is a quick overview of all projects and their status illustrated with a table as seen in the second image below.

Client Information

Account Achievements ? is up top so we remember all the good work we have done and continue to do.

Contacts ? is split into subpages for quick navigation. Basic info is saved in the below table format second image down.

The others pages here are all basic info pages about their area’s. We would also save important emails contracts in here if ever needed.


These are step by step guides with simple numbering and we may include the reference email when the process was implemented.

Onboarding Check list is an important one as any new starter needs to complete this list to work on the account. If an item on the onboarding or a process requires alot of guidence we would make a guide in How to Guides ?. We may consider screen recordings in the future.


In this section there would be one note that had the details of the companies brand. Then for my team we have a page per marketing campaign as seen in the second image below. I tend to stick to the following making convention:

Campaign Name (Start Date)

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this. Was fun to put together! Let me know how you or your team uses one note. ?

Side note: I also use Evernote?? for my personal notes check out my structure for this app here:

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