Collection Ad

Snap ad with four extra items to tap along the bottom.

Why Collection Ads?

Action Driver

The user can tap any of the four thumbnails to go directly to a that product.

High Reach

Snap ads are the most served at on Snapchat meaning this unit can get a lot of targeted scale when needed.

  • Collection Ads can be created dynamically with the contents of uploaded Product Catalogs, or manually with tile images uploaded specifically for the Collection Ad.
  • ‘AD’ slug is added by Snapchat and appears on the upper right corner of the Collection Thumbnails Area.
  • Call-to-action is applied by Snapchat to upper left of the Collection Thumbnails Area and selected from a list within Ads Manager.
  • Each of the 4 Thumbnail images requires a corresponding URL.
  • An additional Swipe Up URL is also required. When a user Swipes Up this URL is visited.
  • URLs may be used multiple times.

Top Snap

  • Focus on one key hero message.
  • Feature a strong and relevant call-to-action for Collection Ads.
  • Use purposeful sound design.
  • Branding should come in before 0:02.
  • Run short-form ads (i.e. :03-:05 in duration) to mirror the bite-sized nature of Snaps.
  • Keep creative simple to drive attention to the Thumbnails.


  • Avoid placing critical graphics, logos, messaging, visual indicators or important language in the safe zones.
  • Keep Thumbnails simple and clear.
  • Do not feature numerous products within a single thumbnail image.
  • Ensure the Product or Visual Element fills the entire Thumbnail.
  • Use little or no text in the Thumbnail.
  • Utilize different URLs to correspond with each of the Thumbnail images to highlight each unique product or feature.