This unit is an overlay that is added to users snaps after a person has taken a photo to Video.

Why Filters?

High Value

When users add the filter to their Snaps they become minor brand ambassadors.


With Smart Filters, brands can serve ads with real time updates, making Smart Filters relevant no matter the location, time, or day. More Specs here.

Non intrusive

Users can choose to add a filter to their snaps, however the message can still land even when user just see the branded filter.

Updated: 17.03.19 Source  


  • Canvas: Filter design must be a 1080 by 2340 pixel image.
  • File Size: 300KB or less.
  • File Format: PNG asset with a transparent background. Save your Filter from the File menu using ‘Save>Save for Web (Legacy)’ and select the ‘PNG-24’ preset from the drop down menu.
  • Buffer Zone: Mandatory text, logos and legal disclaimers may not be placed within 310 px of the top or bottom of the canvas.
  • Filters must include ‘clear and conspicuous’ logo placement from the brand 


  • Graphics that feature gambling or lottery material are not permitted.
  • Please see our Submission Guidelines for more information. 
  • Filter design may not include URLs, barcodes, Snapchat/Social usernames, or CTAs, other social platform logos, phone numbers, Snapcodes, email.
  • Hashtags are not allowed except:            
    • If limited to ‘#1’ in reference to the number not a handle
    • If integral or mandated for Campaign cohesion (ex, hashtag will be present on every digital or physical asset)
    • Reminder, hashtags within filter creative are not ‘tappable’ or functional
  • Any Filter with political content must include ‘Filter paid for by [insert name of purchaser]’ in 40 pixel height and with a shadow background of that text. Examples of political content include political issue advocacy, or promotion of certain political parties and candidates.
  • Filters should honor Snapchat’s Advertising Guidelines and are subject to final creative approval by Snapchat.
  • Designs should enhance the underlying snap, by adding an element of context, visual appeal, humor or relevance.
  • Remember to leave enough blank space in the design so Snapchatters can see their image or video content behind the design. We suggest you only use the top and (or) bottom 25% of the screen.
  • Filters should be artistic, not photographic. Photo realistic imagery is not recommended.  
  • Be creative and make it visually compelling. Make something that Snapchat Users will want to send to their friends.