Pre-roll video unit before publisher tweets.

In-Stream Video Ads allow marketers to connect with their audience through pre-roll ads that kick off the videos people love.

Why In-stream?

High Quality

Ads are placed next to Twitter whitelisted and approved publisher content.


After 6secs users can choose to skip or keep watching. Meaning you can land a key message then if a user want to watch more they can.

Neilson Brand Effects Study 2017-2018
  • File Type: MP4 or MOV
  • File Size: No limit, but recommended under 1GB
  • Max Time: 30 second limit but recommended max 6 seconds as video is then non-skippable (the video becomes skippable after 6 secs)  
  • Video Codec Recommendation: h264, baseline, main or high profile with a 4:2:0 color space.
  • Frame Rate Recommendation: 29.97fps or 30fps. Higher is acceptable. If the available video has a lower frame rate don’t try to “upsample” it.
  • Video Bitrate Recommendation: 6,000k – 10,000k (recommended 6,000k) for 1080p. 5,000k – 8,000k (recommended 5,000k) for 720p.
  • Audio Codec Recommendation: AAC LC (Low complexity)
Most of Twitters in-stream publishers tweet their video content out in 16:9 aspect ratio(landscape) so you should upload run 16:9 video in-stream before this content. Occasionally the in-stream pub will produce 1×1 video (square) (eg. some Tastemade packages, some Vogue packages etc) in which case you can upload 1×1 video to run in-stream before these clips.