Website Cards

Image or Video units that let’s users tap to visit a website.

Why Website Cards?

High Reach

Video tweets can deliver a lot of scale on the platform as alot of people watch video on twitter. With the range of targeting options means you can utilise highlight targeted segments to reach the right people.

Action Driver

With a clear Call To Action this unit can drive a lot of traffic to site. If you have a pixel on site you can optimise towards onsite goal like a product sale.

Tweet copy: 280 characters

Headline (under video): 70 characters (< 50 recommended)

File type: MP4 or MOV

Aspect Ratio: 16×9 or 1×1

URL: Must begin with http:// or https://

File size: 1GB Max. Please note that GIFs are not supported in this card type. 

Video Codec: H264, baseline, 4:2:0 color space

Frame rate: 29.97FPS or 30FPS

Video bitrate recommendation: 6,000K – 10,000K for 1080P / 5,000K – 8,000K for 720P

Link here then click on ‘Video Website Card’