Release dates: UK April, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia in Q3,Q4.

The stats

Why Promoted Pins

1 Native placement 2 UK auction prices low. (no competition) 3 Low CPA’s high average order values on purchases. 

Pinterest is a platform when users are in the very early stages of research compared to other channels. (The initial inspiration) Example of this planning; Seasonal events for events, Pinterest has seen an early serge in Christmas gifts and ideas as early at 4 month on advanced. Other examples Pinterest has seen spikes in Mother’s day, Back to School and Halloween. Day to Day The largest categorizes include, DIY crafts, Women Fashion, Food & Drink, Home decor, Art, Hair & beauty. These can all inform everyday users what to make, what to cook or how to wear items of hair.
Pinterest for insights

Anyone has access to Search Pinterest search as seen below connects keywords together like predictive sub-categorizes. The example given today was [Adidas] > [Shoes] > [Retro] With every sub-category shown it gives brands some visibility on what people are searching with these keywords.  (Image) Repins With any Pin that has been re-pinned users can click on the re-pin button to see where this pin has been added to boards. The example given was a pin for a wallpaper pattern, this feature then enabled the users to see the type of boards being added to like Kitchen boards, bedroom boards. Pinterest Analytics – Business Account needed Brands can see insights in the people that have pinned content from the brands boards. See what type of content they Pin and categories they engage with.
Buying models (Auction only)

Campaign objectives CPE – (Close up + Repin +Click through) 2-5% engagement rate overall benchmark. – Close-up pin – Re-pin – Click through CPC – Click through
Ad unit details

User intent after engagement

If Close up 2.4x more likely to sign up If Repin 3.2x more likely to sign up andthen 1.4x likely to convert If Click through 4.5x more likely to sign upthen 5.8x convert Engagements to conversions 30-60 day attribution window because 88% convert on the same day, 12% convert after that day IF Close-up 1.3x If Repin 2.4x If Click through 5.2x
Placements and Targeting



Campaign structure and best practice

Setup Campaign per targeting

Pinterest will optimist depending on the campaign objective. Pinterest will need up to a week to automatically optimize the best performing out of the different pins within a campaign.
Conversions tag

Types of tags:

Can assign attribution window for the different actions CPA will be high at the beginning of the campaign however will improve over time when earned views genorate conversions. Pinterest reports that they see 50% of impressions are earned impressions. This helps to define ECPA (Earned Cost Per Action) and ECPE (Earned Cost Per Engagement) Higher number of earned Actions and Engagements helps with adrank in search.

Rich pins, pulls in details product website including price, colour, stock. Rich pins rank higher within Pinterest. Cinegraphic mobile only adaptive unit. (GIF)
Future products(Not confirmed and no time-line on release)

Custom audiences will be available to upload and re-targeting Also pulling in the 3rd party data Location targeting will be ITV regions