Facebook #LevelUp Conference

Facebook #LevelUp Conference

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Ian Adams
Facebook's gaming event hosted in Dublin
Mini confrence hosted by Facebook on the state of play of Gaming and media
May 4, 2016

Key stats


900M users Month being the Largest growing app in the U.S in 2015.60 Billion Messages a day compared to SMS 20 Billion a day.


Video was a key trend this year. 100M video views on Faceook per day.Facebook Live gets 10 times more comments and likes compared to Normal Facebook Video.

David Gilbert Head of social gaming with a panel from the gaming industry.

In a recent report by NewZoo, predicted that revenue for the games Industry will reach $99.6B in revenue this year. The report also reported that the EMEA games market is $23.5bn +7.3% growth YoY.

The full report can be bought here: https://newzoo.com/solutions/revenues-projections/global-games-market-report/

Facebook is reporting from its own research that these audiences are real engagers and shine light on ‘they love to share those epic moments through any means like video’

550M Players playing Facebook connected gamesOut of all Facebook time they are seeing 15%+ time is spend related to games.

One of the priorities for the Facebook gaming team is about making it easy for content producers and brands to live stream with an open API so they can tap into the live streaming capability.

An example of this is IGN with live streaming game play while a secondary camera is watching the commentators.

Live streaming on Facebook will let audiences dictate play through comments voting which will effect in game activity. Thus will deliver new levels of interaction between viewer and game player / content provider.

Live streaming is going to be big in 2017 from 486M viewers in 2015 to 710M by 2017. This has heavily been stimulated by the growth in E-sport.

Real Money Gaming talk

Neil pinto – Data associate – Policy

Disapprovals reasons global reasons below;

Main reasons for ad disapproval

Text overlay – 46%Gambling – Usually a market territory issue.

14M ads a month go through approval.

Approval can take from 7 secs to 43 minutes at the 43mins mark 98% ads are reviewed.

Konstantinos Sakellario – ‘Kosta‘ – Lead generation ads

Average person now uses their mobile for 3 hours a day.Filling forms on mobile on average takes 38.5% longer to fill out then desktop.

Lead generation ads

Case study – Lead Generation ads generating 64% higher conversation rate and -67% lower cost per conversation. This is solely down to the experience being so much smother then being sent out to a website that might not fit all phones.

Idan – Creative tips and options

Best length for Facebook video ads are between 15-30 seconds long.Ensure that the video works with no sound as auto play videos are muted by default.Captions (subtitles) will be automatic soon and be an option in ads manager. Captions also helps bring diolgue to videos with no sound auto paying.3 second audition, to stop people on the newsfeed before they across past.Best performing video content has progression in the 3 X (5 second) stages. Beginning, middle and end.

Other creative options

Cinegraphic which is an optical illusion which makes 2D videos look they 3D. Also Cinegroahics can also be static video with only one part of the video moving. Both these are meant to be eye catching and thumb stopping during the ‘Audition period’360 videos are starting to really take off and people are really emercing themselves into these 360 environments and experiences. Further depth then flat videos.Canvas – An ad unit which loads In the background for quick opening. The ad unit is an emercive visual unit with images, video and interactive content with tilt to see more content, caroucel slideshows which can showcase more attributes of the product or service. This unit can click out to website for purchase but will also be able to drive app downloads (soon).Slideshow – This unit can be used when video is not an option. Also good for counties which have low internet speeds. The slideshow plays automaticity on the newsfeed playing like a video.

Video creative tip – Make the content related to the interests used in targeting. It can be the same video sequence but a slight change the imagery from Music to sports to TV show. This can be done to test which audience is morel likely to resonate with the brand message.

Yeal Teboulle – Attribution

Ways of measuring performance.

Lift studies – Brand and conversions

The life study can be ran in two ways;

Short term usually one campaign. This study is not flexible and cannot be changed once live.Long term 3 months+ it can be done over a longer period of time so normal campaigns can be ran and changed when they need to be. The insights for this campaign are also shared in real-time so the data can show the peaks and trofs of performance.

How it works is Facebook will hold a sample group 50% for the short term and long term The hold group drops to 25% – 5%. The reason why it’s so high for short term is that Facebook needs to ensure the results are significant enough to say that there was a considerable change in user purchase behaviour when seeing or clicking on a Facebook ad.



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