Knowledge Management System 2023

Knowledge Management System 2023

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My workflow for all my digital notes and content


My 2023 updated data knowledge management system

May 2, 2022

Life is busy, we are thrown at us a lot of information and messages everyday and naturally we can’t remember it all so we have to rely on tools and techniques to offload this info so it’s at arms length whenever needed.

Extra reading material

Getting Things done (GTD method) by David Alan - Website - Audiobook PARA method to organize info - Article  Zettelkasten Note taking method - Website - YouTube Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte - YouTube - Website

Tools I use day to day

Updated: 18th June 23

Notes 📓


Notion - Website - iOS / And

This service is super flexible note taker, most of my personal notes go into this note taker. I roughly follow the PARA model to so I know where notes should go: More on PARA HERE >Article 


Notion is also now the backend to my website. I use a service called which creates a site from a sub set of notes. then overlays custom formatting to make it look and act like a website. If you are looking for something more flexible I would recommend Webflow.



Google Drive - Website - iOS / And

All of my files are in the cloud, from photos to important documents all safely backed up. If my friends or family need anything I simply send them a link to it.


Actions ✅ 


Todoist - Website - iOS / And

Simple to-do app which worlds across all devices.

I’ve used every app under the sun and landed back on Todoist. This app is great for dropping tasks quickly and setting a reminder/due date for later. Each task can I have notes within, great for extra adding context.

  • The Music/Theatre are things I have booked. I usually leave a note on the task of who has the tickets.
  • To Watch task’s also have reminders when the movie/show is out.

Google Calendar - Website

Simple free Calendar service, if it’s not on my calendar I will likely not remember. All events, birthdays, Holidays, even time blocking for actions I will add.

I use the web version when on a computer but I use the Outlook app for mobile to see all my emails and calendars from different accounts. iOS / And

  • I also setup a shared calendar with the family so my parents both have access to each other default calenders on their phone

Location Tracking 📍


Google Maps - Website - iOS / And

Since 2009 I’ve setup Google timeline so it tracks my location. This is great with a combination of my google photos so I can check where I was when. Great for those adhoc questions ‘What did we do for your birthday in 2011?’, ‘Where did you live in 2020?’


Project management 🏢 (For Work)


Asana - Website

We have ‘CLIENT - Status sheets’ project that tracks all ongoing projects/campaigns and subtasks.

We also link out to important docs within the campaign parent task.

In 22 I also setup an onboarding project template to ensure new starters have a clear checklist of everything that needs completed within their probation.

If you use any tools or have any techniques let me know!

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